Faculty & Staff

Max Thomas
Ronda Simpson
Site Director, Principal, Compliance Officer
Amy Estep
Health Careers Certification Instructor
Brandi Millsap
Cosmetology Instructor
Candyce Myers
Student Services Director/Instructional Framework Coordinator
Cathy Lopez
Business and Industry Administrative Assistant
Cindy Gruntmeir
Digital Technologies Inc. Instructor
Clifton Allen
Coty Green
Automotive Service Technology Instructor
Debbie Fussell
Health Careers Certification Instructor
Deena Shepherd
Practical Nursing Instructor
Denise Oppel
Health Occupations Administrative Assistant/Attendance
Diane Duffy
Practical Nursing Instructor
Glenda Payne
Activity Account Manager/Treasurer
Helen Naifeh
Program L.I.F.E. Coordinator
Jason Wallace
Business and Industry Safety Trainer/Pre-Engineering Instructor
Jay Snowden
Computer Repair & Networking Instructor
Judy Schaffler
Business Manager/Compliance Officer
Lucy Vizcaino
Janitorial Services
Nathan Freelander
Information Technology Coordinator
Paul Hursh
Business and Industry Director, Safety Coordinator, Compliance Officer
Randy Overton
Pre-Engineering Instructor
Roger Freelander
Cabinet Making Instructor
Rose Wilczek
Administrative Assistant
Shauna Rupp
Public Information Officer/Administrative Assistant
Shawna Dooley
Financial Aid/Student Accounts
Wes Chambers
Welding Instructor