Course Description

This course is designed to be in preparation for Calculus or AP Calculus. A graphing calculator is recommended. The first part of the course includes a study of six basic functions of trigonometry, solutions of right and oblique triangles, Identities, and complex numbers. The calculator is used as an aid to computation. The second half of the course gives a review study of straight lines, conic sections, simplifications of equations, algebraic curves, transcendental curves, a completed study of straight lines, simplification of equations, polar coordinates, and introduction to limits and derivatives.

Course Sequence

Quadratic Formula

Periodic Functions and Right Triangle Problems

Functions and Mathematical Models

Applications of Trigonometric and Circular Functions

Trigonometric Function Properties, Identities, and Parametric Functions

Properties of Combined Sinusoids

Triangle Trigonometry

Properties of Elementary Functions

Matrix Transformations and Fractal Figures

Analytic Geometry of Conic Sections and Quadric Surfaces

Polar Coordinates, Complex Numbers, and Moving Objects

Polynomial and Rational Functions Limits and Derivatives

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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