Algebra II

Course Description

This course will enhance and expand the mathematical foundations of Algebra I and Geometry. The course will stress the fundamental extension of previous mathematics and the preparation for future higher-level mathematics courses. It will involve operations with real and complex numbers as well as matrices. The problem solving processes will use functions and relations. Within the course applications of math, and while satisfying predictions based on a set of data, the use of data analysis, and statistics will be justified. Students who master CareerTech Algebra II will gain experience with quadratic functions, conic sections, logarithmic and exponential functions, linear functions, solution methods for systems of linear functions, and matrix operations.

Course Sequence

Equations and Inequalities

Linear Equations and Functions

Systems of Linear Equations and Inequalities

Matrices and Determinants

Quadratic Equations

Polynomials and Polynomial Functions

Powers, Roots, and Radicals

Exponential and Logarithmic Functions

Rational Equations and Functions

Sequences and Series

Probability and Statistics

Science, Technology, Engineering & Mathematics

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