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900 hours

Prepares students to do quality welding for a variety of construction and manufacturing jobs using multiple structural welding techniques. Instruction will cover welding theory and safety, fabrication, layout, print reading, symbols, math, welding codes, metal characteristics/properties and oxyfuel cutting. Students will learn to perform high quality welds in accordance with welding procedure specifications used in a variety of welding occupations.

Oxyfuel Cutting 30 hours
Fundamentals of Welding 30 hours
FCAW Plate 60 hours
GMAW Plate 90 hours
GMAW/GCAW Equipment and Setup 30 hours
GTAW Aluminum Plate 60 hours
GTAW Equipment & Filler Materials 30 hours
GTAW Plate 90 hours
Metal Characteristics and Properties 30 hours
Metal Preparation and Heat Treatments 30 hours
Plasma Arc Cutting 30 hours
SMAW Beads & Fillet Welds 120 hours
SMAW Electrodes 30 hours
SMAW Equipment & Setup
30 hours
SMAW Open Root Pipe Welds 105 hours
Weld Quality 15 hours
Welding Blueprints 60 hours
Welding Joint Fit Up and Adjustment 30 hours